Town Hall

10970 Cty Rd N,Wood County, WI

Planning Commission

Commission Members

Zoning Administrator:
Harry Wallis (715-676-2685) or (715-323-8347)

Darcy Krenn (715-676-3730)
Dustin Henderson (715-)
Jeff Meinders (715-676-2588)
Cole Pankratz (715-676-2944)


Open Conditional Use Permits being evaluated:

Coulee Frac Sand Mine / Carbo Ceramics conditional use permit and reclamation plan: Coulee Conditional Use Permit App Letter with NR135, 2018-08-06/

Wood county approved Reclamation plan CouleeFrac approved Reclamation plan 11/20/2018

Planning Commission Activities:

The Town Board has appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the Conditional Use Application along with the Operational and Reclamation plan provided by Coulee mining and provide recomendations to the Planning commission and Town board.

 link to the Frac Sand Mining Impact Accessment Committee (FSMIAC) Page, containing committee members,charter, meeting schedules, minutes, documentation and video records.

Town of Rock Planning commission Meeting Schedule:

  1. Monday September 24th: 2018 Planning commission meeting
  2. Monday October 1st 2018: Planning commission meeting(CANCLED)
  3. Wednesday October 3 2018: board meeting (CANCLED Rescheduled for early November)
  4. Monday January 7th 2019: Public meeting 7PM Town of Rock town hall 109 County Road N, Marshfield WI. This meeting is being held for Wood County to go over the CouleeFrac Reclamation plan with the town residents. Documentation for the meeting is attached:
  5. Wednesday Feburary 27th: Public meeting to review information for the CouleeFrac Conditional Use Permit(CUP), Documentation for the meeting is attached:
  6. Thursday April 4: Planning/Zoning Meeting discussing public concerns and review of updated documentation, Zoning commission recommendations:
  7. Thursday April 18th: Special Board Meeting for action on the Coulee CUP, Town of Rock town hall 7PM
  8. Approved CUP with Signed Town of Rock and Coulee Developers agreement With documentation