Town Hall

Wood County, WI

Meeting Minutes


Town of Rock-Board Meeting

August 9, 2018-7:00 p.m, Town Hall

The meeting was Called to Order at 7:00 p.m. by Pete Winistorfer.  

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited. 

Board Members Present: Pete Winistorfer; Mark Katzenberger; Louis Krainz; Greg Mueller; Lisa Wallis, Treasurer; Jill Wrensch, Clerk 

Members of the Public Present: An attendance list was passed around and is on file in the clerk’s office  

The Minutes of the July 18, 2018 Board Meeting were read. Mark Katzenberger moved to approve the minutes as presented; Louis Krainz seconded the motion; motion carried.


Representatives from Coulee Frac Sand were in attendance and gave a presentation of their proposed mine site and reclamation plan and took questions from residents.  The fee for the conditional use permit was paid, so the Town has 60 days to approve or deny the permit.  A committee of citizens will be formed to gather input and make a recommendation to the zoning commission. 

The Constable’s Report was given by Bob Reed.  He was contacted by a resident to see if anyone had lost a kitten because one had wandered onto her property.  No one had inquired, and the resident said she’d keep it. Bob gave the Board his new phone number and it will be updated on the website.  He also wanted to let residents know he could be contacted for issuing burning permits. 

The Planning Commission Report was given by Harry Wallis.  He continues to have inquiries about building permits and issued two sign permits.  He also had an inquiry about a prefabricated building.  Since it is portable, no permit is required. 

The Fire Department Report was given by Jeff Meinders.  It’s been busy the last few weeks with EMS calls and some mutual aid on fires with the Town of Richfield.  All the trucks were serviced in the past month.  They are getting a license plate for the new tanker and need the title, which is in the Town’s safe deposit box.  Since there was a large crowd at the meeting, Jeff reminded everyone of the need for first responders and firefighters. 

An update on Lindsey Park was given.  Darcy Krenn had found some playground equipment online that is actually from a Stratford school.  The park committee is looking for help to install it.  The old equipment will be sold online or to residents at an established price.  

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Lisa Wallis.  Lisa explained that the town hall rental that is listed on the report as not paid was in fact paid.  The road fund CD is coming due at the end of the month.  Greg Mueller moved to cash in the Road Fund CD into the General Fund when it comes due; Louis Krainz seconded the motion; motion carried.  Mark Katzenberger moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report with the correction of the hall rental payment; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried.  

In New Business, there was discussion of asphalt projects in the town.  It was questioned whether Patton Drive between Highway B and Falcon Rd should be prepped and wedged.  Cole Pankratz remarked that even if the road was prepped and wedged, it would still need some crack sealing.  Mark Katzenberger suggested just crack sealing this year and waiting until next year for any wedging.  The consensus was to just do crack sealing.

Mark Katzenberger moved to accept the prior month bid from Lakes Asphalt to crack seal every road they had listed except for Lincoln Avenue; Louis Krainz seconded the motion; motion carried. 

Additional new business included discussion of whether the treasurer position should be switched from an elected position to an appointed position.  If an elected individual remains a registered voter in the municipality, he or she can remain in the position.  But, an appointed individual doesn’t have to be a resident of the Town.  The consensus was to add a referendum to the November ballot asking residents to decide.  Greg Mueller moved to add a referendum to the November ballot asking residents if the treasurer position should change to appointed versus elected; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried. 

In Old Business, Roland Hawk from Wood County had prepared a bid for the Falcon Road TRIP project, but he had missed the meeting last month.  The bid was not 10% less than the other bids, so it wouldn’t have mattered.  American Asphalt is also doing Hwy 73 and Falcon Road will get the same material, which is usually $10 per ton more, at no additional cost.  

The Accounts Payable was examined by the Board.  Mark Katzenberger moved to certify the bills for payment; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried.  

An Audit of the Books for April through June 2018 was conducted and all was found to be in order.

 Adjournment:  Greg Mueller moved to adjourn the meeting; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Jill Wrensch, Town Clerk

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.


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