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Meeting Minutes


Town of Rock-Board Meeting

September 13th, 2018-7:00 p.m, Town Hall

The meeting was Called to Order at 7:00 p.m. by Pete Winistorfer.  

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited. 

Board Members Present: Pete Winistorfer; Mark Katzenberger; Louis Krainz; Greg Mueller; Darcy Krenn; Lisa Wallis, Treasurer; Jill Wrensch, Clerk  

Members of the Public Present: An attendance list was passed around and is on file in the clerk’s office  

The Minutes of the August 9, 2018 Board Meeting were read. Mark Katzenberger moved to approve the minutes as presented; Louis Krainz seconded the motion; motion carried.  

In Public Comment, Kathy Behnke expressed concerns on the Coulee Frac Sand conditional use permit and potential drop in property values.  She wondered how the Board would recoup lost taxes.  Pete Winistorfer responded that all concerns were going to be addressed by the adhoc committee and zoning commission and that counsel would be retained.  Cole Pankratz commented that Falcon Road looks great.  

The Constable’s Report was given by Bob Reed.  He’s had several calls.  There were two dogs on Hwy N that Bob took to MAPS to look for chips.  Their owner called Bob on his way back and they have tags now.  He received a call about cows out at the corner of Falcon Rd and Hwy N.  He contacted the owner and helped him corral them.  The owner said that had become riled up due to wolves.  A call was received about a lost dog from Hwy N, but by the time he got there it had returned.  

The Planning Commission Report was given by Harry Wallis.  He issued a building permit for a dwelling and construction has started.  He had inquired about this property back in July and because it had a structure on it prior to town zoning, it was grandfathered in for a residence.  In addition to building permits, he’s been busy with the Coulee Frac Sand items.  

The Fire Department Report was given by Jeff Meinders.  There wasn’t much to report except that they are still low on volunteers for both fire and EMS. 

An update on Lindsey Park was given.  Lizz Drexler said that the Community Picnic held in August raised about $180.  A concerned citizen group had come and done a presentation regarding the proposed frac mining. 

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Lisa Wallis.  The second half of the taxes were deposited in August and the park donations were deposited into the Park Fund.  The Road Fund CD had been cashed in as motioned at the last meeting.  Mark Katzenberger moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report as given; Darcy Krenn seconded the motion; motion carried.  

In New Business, Jim Schmidt gave an update on the Coulee Frac Sand conditional use permit.  So far, there have been about 230 hours researching various items.  The committee has identified some advantages and also fifteen concerns.  The committee meetings that have been held so far have been well attended.  They have not drawn a conclusion yet but have recommendations for the fifteen concerns.  Pete Winistorfer commented that there are many people putting in a lot of hours on this and he and the Board appreciate it.  

There was discussion of the suggestion to retain an attorney for counsel on the conditional use permit matter.  Darcy Krenn moved to place the law firm of Stafford Rosenbaum on retainer for advisory on the conditional use permit, at their stated rates and with a cap of $10,000; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.  Pete Winistorfer will sign the retainer and get it to the attorney so he can come to the Monday, September 17th joint meeting of the ad-hoc committee and zoning commission.


A date for the final conditional use permit hearing was discussed.  Darcy Krenn moved to hold the meeting October 3, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried.  

In other New Business, the discontinuation of Progress Lane was discussed.  Pete Winistorfer had been approached by Jerry Hartle, who owns property at the dead end of the road.  There have been break-ins, damage, dumping of tires etc and he would like to have the road discontinued as a part of the Township so that it could be closed off.  Mark Katzenberger moved to discontinue Progress Lane as a portion of the Town of Rock road system and Louis Krainz seconded that motion.  The motion remained on the floor as discussion continued.  Darcy Krenn was concerned about losing some funding if the road was given up by the Town.  Also, a question arose about the one acre of land owned by the School District. An attorney was present with Jerry Hartle and indicated that the School District had no record of this parcel and were reviewing their own records currently.  An easement could be granted to the school if necessary.  Darcy Krenn also asked what would happen if Jerry’s land changed hands later and then there was no access to it.  Louis Krainz said that the town has not been doing it’s due diligence with Progress Lane in the past as far as grading and plowing and that Jerry Hartle has not been getting his money’s worth.  In order for the Town to discontinue Progress Lane, there would need to be a resolution adoption with 30 days’ notice.  Mark Katzenberger amended his motion to instead start the process of possible discontinuation of Progress Lane at the expense of the applicant; Louis Krainz seconded the amended motion; motion carried.   

In Old Business, Pete Winistorfer explained the referendum to appear on the November ballot regarding the Treasurer position.  The required notice will be published in the paper on October 9th.  

An update on Falcon Rd was given. It has now been paved with just the shouldering left.  TRIP funds of $23,000 were awarded for this project. 

Pete Winistorfer described the damage that occurred in the Town Hall.  The west wall of the hall was bowed so the suspended ceiling had collapsed to the floor.  Fortunately, there was no water damage.  The insurance adjuster came and Priority Construction will be fixing the wall as per the insurance company.  Our $500 deductible will cover the contractors and electrical.  

In other business, Bob Reed stepped down from the zoning committee and Dustin Henderson was appointed to replace him.  

The Accounts Payable was examined by the Board.  Mark Katzenberger moved to certify the bills for payment; Louis Krainz seconded the motion; motion carried.  

Adjournment:  Greg Mueller moved to adjourn the meeting; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,  

Jill Wrensch, Town Clerk

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.


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