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Wood County, WI

Meeting Minutes


Town of Rock-Board Meeting

Febuary 8, 2018-7:00 p.m, Town Hall

The meeting was Called to Order after the caucus at 7:10 p.m. by Pete Winistorfer.  

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.  

Board Members Present: Pete Winistorfer; Darcy Krenn; Dave Cattanach; Mark Katzenberger; Greg Mueller; Lisa Wallis, Treasurer; Jill Wrensch, Clerk  

Members of the Public Present: Bob Reed, Jeff Meinders, Harry Wallis, Theresa Pankratz 

The Minutes of the January 11, 2018 Board Meeting were read. Mark Katzenberger moved to approve the minutes with the addition; Dave Cattanach seconded the motion; motion carried.  

Constable Bob Reed had a couple of incidences.  There was a missing cat and the owner had put out a trap to catch it, but ended up catching a wild cat instead.  Bob picked up the cat and has it at his house.  The other call Bob got was about a missing dog.  After being gone a few days, it returned home. There was some discussion of residents catching wild cats and if it was really the Town’s responsibility or the party that traps them because it’s becoming a bit of a problem.  Pete Winistorfer said he’d contact the DNR to see if there are any regulations regarding feral cats.  

The Planning Commission Report was given by Harry Wallis.  He hasn’t had a whole lot for permits and has just had a couple questions.    

The Fire Department Report was given by Jeff Meinders.  The LOSA amounts ended up being paid out of the Fire Department checking due to some confusion over the paperwork filing, so there are general fund checks tonight reimbursing them.  The Town responded to a mutual aid call for a fire in Granton.  The tanker should be received by the end of this month as there are just the decals and some electrical left to finish.  The tank capacity had to be downsized because it would have been too heavy when filled.  There was some discussion of tires and if new ones were necessary.  Darcy Krenn offered to work with Jeff in researching this. 

The Chili Cookoff to benefit Lindsey Park is this coming weekend.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Lisa Wallis.  Several of the CDs are coming due in March and they will be discussed at next meeting.  Dave Cattanach moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as given; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried. 

In New Business, the Town will be hosting the WTA meeting in April.   

The Lincoln Avenue speed limit was again discussed with the full Board present.  Apparently, signs would have to be posted whether the speed remains the same or changes.  If it remains at 55 mph, speed limit signs need to be posted to reflect that, along with reduced speed ahead signs.  If the speed limit is reduced, 45 mph speed limit signs would need to be posted. 

Darcy Krenn moved to retain the current speed limit.  That motion failed due to lack of a second. 

Dave Cattanach moved to reduce the speed to 45 mph on Lincoln Avenue; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried with all in favor except Darcy Krenn. 

Upcoming meetings were discussed.  The March meeting will be moved up one week to March 1st due to schedule conflicts with some Board members on March 8th.  The April meeting will remain on April 12th and one of the Board members will take minutes in the Clerk’s absence.    

The Accounts Payable was examined by the Board.  Mark Katzenberger moved to certify the bills for payment; Dave Cattanach seconded the motion; motion carried. 

The Audit of the Books for October-December 2017 was conducted and all was found to be in order.  

Adjournment:  Greg Mueller moved to adjourn the meeting; Darcy Krenn seconded the motion; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  

Jill Wrensch, Town Clerk

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.


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