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Wood County, WI

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting:


Town of Rock-Board Meeting

January 12, 2016-7:00 p.m, Town Hall


The meeting was Called to Order by Jason Beier, chairman.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.

Board Members Present:  Jason Beier; Mark Katzenberger; Greg Mueller; Pete Winistorfer; Lisa Wallis, Treasurer; Jill Wrensch, Clerk


Members of the Public Present:  Bob Reed, Harry Wallis, Jeff Meinders, Cole

Pankratz, Lori Zahradka, Dave & Janice Cattanach, Lizz Drexler, Cory Wendt

The Minutes of the February 9, 2017 Board Meeting were read.  Greg Mueller moved to approve the minutes as presented; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.


Constable Bob Reed had several calls to report.  A dog was wandering through Lindsey and ended up on another resident’s porch.  Bob made contact with the owner regarding the matter.  A lady found a beagle wandering on Hwy N – Bob was at work when he got the call and when he got there, the owners were already picking the dog up.  Another lady found a lab mix on Hwy 10 by Lincoln and took it by Jim Goode, who said he’d take care of it.

The Planning Commission Report was given by Harry Wallis.  He received an email request for a machine shed on the corner of Falcon & Patton, but the owner did not want to have to do sanitary.  He received a call from a resident that was upset about the Hennig property, and Harry indicated Mr. Hennig can do what he wants on his property as long as he follows the proper channels with the zoning code.  There have been various complaints on the Hwy B mobile home situation.  Harry contacted the Wood County Planning and Zoning and if the home has plumbing, it would be in violation of County sanitary codes.  In this case, it would either need to be removed or get a proper hookup.  He has not received a response back regarding the electronic filing of permits.

In a maintenance update, Harry indicated he installed new toilet paper dispensers in the restrooms and needs to do the trim painting yet.

 The Fire Department Report was given by Jeff Meinders. He and Diane Gilbertson reopened the checking account that had been frozen since October.  He hasn’t heard any more from the DA’s office since last month.  Pete Winistorfer checked with the Eagles Club regarding a pancake breakfast and they would do it as a 50/50 deal, so the Department may forgo for this year.  Jeff Meinders mentioned perhaps doing a BBQ contest or something similar instead.  Jeff said the 2% dues audit is scheduled for Wednesday April 12th at 10:30 at the Town Hall, but there’s nothing that should be concerning.  In the future, the LOSA payments should have some type of note that they’re being paid by the dues money – just so it’s tracked somewhere in the budget.  As far as calls, it’s been fairly quiet.  There was a Pittsville barn fire that they responded to.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Lisa Wallis, Treasurer.  There was some discussion about moving funds for the roads and the tanker. Greg Mueller requested adding something regarding expected expenditures to the monthly treasurer’s report in the future.  Greg Mueller made a motion to move $100,000 to a Road Fund CD and $15,000 to Contingency Fund CD #2; Pete Winistorfer seconded the motion; motion carried.  Lisa indicated that she will send out the annual report to the Board prior to the annual meeting. Pete Winistorfer moved to accept the treasurer’s report as given; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.  

In Public Comment, Lizz Drexler was there to discuss the chili cookoff that benefited Lindsey Park and possibilities for use of the funds raised.  There was a suggestion of getting the public’s opinion at the Annual Meeting.

Jason Beier mentioned he recently attended a County seminar that had a lot of good information.  He learned that new culverts that are 36” or larger need permits by the County.  He also learned that wild parsnip was going to become illegal in the near future.

Dave Cattanach mentioned that a large cedar at the cemetery went over in the wind and Harry Wallis said there are a couple more trees that should probably come down.  It was mentioned that the Town website should have a cemetery link with Dave’s contact information.

Harry Wallis discussed the photos from the flooding and how repairs and improvements should be handled in the future.  It was a consensus that road work and road conditions should be kept on file.

In New Business, there was discussion of Zoning and Fire Department salaries. 

Currently, Zoning Administrator receives $450 annually plus $15 per permit issued.  Fire Department Officer annual salaries are $1,200 for the Chief and $500 each for the Assistant Chief and the EMS Officer.  

Pete Winistorfer moved to increase the Zoning Administrator salary to $750 annually to be paid quarterly effective 4/1/17 and $15 per trip with a maximum 2 trips per building site; Mark Katzenberer seconded the motion; motion carried.

Pete Winistorfer moved to increase the annual salaries of the Fire Department Officers to $2,000 for Fire Chief; $1,000 for the EMS Officer and $750 for the Assistant Fire Chief with the Fire Department member rates to be revisited next month; Greg Mueller seconded the motion; motion carried.

Bids for the 2017 season were discussed and an ad was prepared.  Bids will be opened at next month’s meeting at 7:15 p.m.

The Annual Town Meeting will be Tuesday, April 18th at 7:30 p.m. and possible agenda items were discussed.  Topics mentioned included Lindsey Park & Playground, Snow Plowing across the road, the Annual Report, the Fire Department’s need for members, Road Projects, Cemetery, Website and Chili Cook Off.  A formal agenda will be finalized at next month’s Board Meeting

In Old Business, Pete Winistorfer has not heard anything yet regarding the Enbridge grant that was applied for.  There was some continued discussion regarding the flood damage fund issues.

The Accounts Payable was examined by the Board.  Mark Katzenberger moved to certify the bills for payment; Pete Winistorfer seconded the motion; motion carried.

In Correspondence, various letters were read and discussed.

Adjournment:  Pete Winistorfer moved to adjourn the meeting; Mark Katzenberger seconded the motion; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

 Jill Wrensch, Town Clerk

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


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