Town Hall

Wood County, WI

Animal Control

For lost or stray animals, please contact the Constable.

Constable Contanct Information:
Bob Reed (715-383-9141)

NOTE: When a dog is picked up and cannot be identified by their tags and the owner cannot be determined, the animal will be taken to the Clark County Humane Socitey (715-743-4550) and the owner will be responsible for the costs.

Please remember that State law requires all dogs to be licensed. Please have identification on the collar of your cat and dog included your phone number. This will make it easier to retrn your pet to you.

Dog License:

The owner of the a dog more than 5 months old on January 1st of any year, or 5 months old within the license year, shall annually on or before the date that dog becomes 5 months old, pay the dog license tax and obtain license. Dog license fees are not included in the tab bill.

License Application & Fees